After a long hard day at work, wouldn't you love to step into your bathroom and feel like you're in a spa retreat? You can turn your bathroom into a soothing and relaxing spa-like retreat.

However, there are many things that add up to a beautiful and relaxing bathroom that has the vibe of a spa.

Here are a few ideas to consider if you decide to remodel your bathroom and want to transform it to feel luxurious and relaxing

Pebble Stones

Photos courtesy of Coverall Stone, Inc.

Pebble stones are not only popular, but easy to install. You can install them on the shower floor for a way to get a relaxing foot massage or even put them on an entire shower wall to give you the overall feel of being in a spa. The pebble stones are usually pre mounted on a mesh backing for easy installation and come in a variety of colors to choose from so you can coordinate it with your tiles, cabinets, paint, etc.

Glass Doors

Image Copyright © 2013 Lotus Garden Botanicals.  Venue: Shangri-La Hotel Bangkok

Show off your beautiful shower walls and shower head with clear glass doors. They not only look good but also create an open feel, and if your bathroom is small, the clear shower doors will make the bathroom look even bigger.

Rain shower

Image Copyright © 2013 Lotus Garden Botanicals.  Venue: Ladera Resort & Spa, St. Lucia

There are a variety of rain shower and therapeutic shower heads to choose from that feature a variety of water pressures and massaging pulsations. Combine this with soothing water jets that you can adjust from a gentle spray to a feeling of being outside in a downpour of rain.

Warm Colors

No matter how much stone or tile you cover your walls with; it is likely you will still have walls to paint. Choosing warm colors such as a blue grey, or warm beige, green, or even yellow will make all the difference.

However, before choosing colors make sure you know what tile, vanity, and counter top will be installed.

The tones of colors can always be changed, however, changing your counter top, tile or stone or toilet isn't something you would want to do.


One of the main essentials which make spas have a relaxing vibe is their lighting. Make sure you choose warm color lights rather than bright ones, such as daylight or bright white. These lights won't allow you to relax but rather wake up and be energized. If you want a different vibe you can always change out your light bulbs according to season.  Use a dimmer switch to create soft lighting ambiance along with scented soy candles.  This type of candle burns clean and will not stain your walls since it emits no soot.

The lighting does it all, and a warm yellow type light can spark the mood.

About the aurthor: Robert is a project manager. He specializes in construction management. He chooses the products that are purchased and focuses on vendors such as Agua Flux. Due to his job, he sometimes is required to work nights, as he also manages restaurant construction.

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