Learn how to use essential oil for home scenting with our newest recipe. Essential oils have become very popular; mostly because their pure aromas are the most efficient, effective, and healthy alternative to unhealthy synthetic home fragrance products.

Aside from the pleasantries of being highly fragrant substances, pure essential oils contain naturally occurring antiseptic, antibacterial, and/or antiviral properties. This makes them ideal for use in a wide variety of home scenting recipes.

For this decorative room freshener tip we will use clay pellets as the medium. Also called hydroton pellets or pebbles, these are quite easy to find in your local nursery, garden shop, or in the garden section of many home improvement stores. The porous nature of clay pellets make them an ideal choice since they are able to soak up and hold liquids, essential oil in this case, and slowly release the aroma of these fragrant liquids over an extended period of time. 

When you notice that the scent is fading just add a few more drops of essential oil on the pellets. Starting off with 20-25 drops (about 1 mL) is sufficient for a small to average sized room. The exact amount of drops can always vary based on personal preference.

Using a decorative container filled with clay pellets is an ideal way to release and enjoy beautiful all-natural aromas in any room of the house or even on your desk at work while simultaneously adding a decorative touch. An additional bonus to this method is that your choice of container can be placed virtually anywhere since there is no need to use a tea light candle or electricity to diffuse the oil.

Items needed:
1. Clay pellets (about a cup for a small flower pot)
2. Decorative flower pot
3. Your choice of essential oils, or try using our recommended blends below
4. 5 mL blending bottle with euro-dropper orifice reducer

Select small decorative flower pot. If used previously for a plant wash out with warm water and distilled vinegar or unscented castille soap. Allow to dry.

Wash dust residue off clay pellets by placing in a strainer under running water. Remove excess water by rolling in a towel. Add pellets into decorative container (enough to fill to the top).

Add about 25 drops (1 ml) of essential oil or essential oil blend onto the clay pellets. Spread the drops out among pellets to cover a greater surface area. The recipes below will make one 5 mL bottle. By pre-blending you will have the extra to use for refreshing the pellets later on.

Some of our favorite essential oil blends:

Fresh and Happy (anywhere; particularly living room or bathroom)
50 drops lime
35 drops bergamot
25 drops ylang ylang
15 drops geranium

Good Night Sleep (use on bedside night table)
65 drops clary sage
35 drops lavender
25 drops frankincense

Mental Stimulation (use when studying, reading, writing)
60 drops rosemary
40 drops grapefruit
25 drops peppermint

Kitchen (odor eliminator, especially fish odors)
75 drops lemon
25 drops orange sweet
13 drops clove bud
12 drops cinnamon

Love In The Air (use in meditation/yoga area or bedroom)
50 drops sandalwood (absolute)
35 drops black pepper
20 drops ylang ylang
15 drops vanilla Co2
5 drops patchouli

Tip:  For blends with less drops of a particular essential oil see 1 mL (20-25 drops) Essential Oil Samples here as an economical solution to a 5 mL size (100-125 drops).
*After placing essential oil on pellets they will no longer be suitable for use with live plants. The same applies to the flower pot unless using one that has a glazed ceramic or glass reservoir that can be later cleaned.

If you have a favorite room freshening essential oil blend/recipe you'd like to share please do so in our comments section. 

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