Osmanthus Floral Wax
Osmanthus Floral Wax

Osmanthus Floral Wax

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Strongly aromatic Osmanthus Floral Wax, Osmanthus fragrans
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Botanical Name: Osmanthus fragrans
Country of Origin:  China
Production Date:  Feb 2020
Density:  Solid
Minimum Shelf Life:  Stable and Long Term (properly stored)
Packaging:  By weight - PET Jar

We are simply delighted to offer this exquisite Osmanthus absolute wax that we discovered during our trip to Asia last year.  Our expectations were low when we first received our sample, since Osmanthus is such a delicate flower and very difficult to extract properly.  In fact, our current batch of Osmanthus absolute is grown in China, but artisan extracted in France due to the intricate and highly specialized process.  Knowing this Osmanthus absolute wax was grown AND extracted in China, left us with underwhelming reservations.  However, upon our initial experience of smelling the Osmanthus wax sample, those reservations were blown to smithereens. 

This Osmanthus floral wax is not only fruity, sweet, and delightfully floral, but also robust and tenacious just like the Osmanthus absolute.  It’s not common to find a floral wax that smells close if not almost identical to its absolute oil counterpart.  All of the honeyed fruity floral and delicious peachy apricot notes are extraordinarily present in this Osmanthus wax — which is a rarity to find in and of itself. The Chinese extractors have really outdone themselves in presenting a superior Osmanthus absolute wax that was worth traveling across the globe to find.

Osmanthus wax can be used in a multitude of ultra-moisturizing skincare and hair care formulas that require a thicker, more decadent texture.  Osmanthus wax is easily liquefied and ideal for adding density and a honeyed fruity floral aroma in solid perfume, lip balms, lotions, creams, soaps, candles, and other cosmetic and personal care formulations.  Let your imagination run wild with what could be created from this divine ingredient! 

Floral wax packaged by weight in PET plastic jar.  If you prefer to have this wax in one solid piece as it was received from the producer it is suggested to purchase the 1 Kg size.

How To Use Osmanthus Floral Wax - Two Easy Examples

Solid Perfume
  1. Melt in glass container (small pyrex measuring cup works best)
  2. Warm small amount of carrier oil of choice in separate container
  3. Add floral wax to warmed carrier oil to reach desired softness
  4. Optional:  Achieve a deeper aroma adding a few drops of the absolute or harmonious essential oils 
  5. Pour in small jar or lip balm tube (will re-solidify when cooled)
  6. Done! 
Creams and Lotions
  1. Melt in glass container (small pyrex measuring cup works best) 
  2. Add during oil phase to cream or lotion base; will add thickness, body, and rich exotic scent 
  3. Done!
Storage Recommendation: We suggest storing in the PET plastic jar we use to package floral waxes.   We do not use plastic or zip lock bags.  

Shipping:  High summertime temperatures can cause floral wax to soften and sometimes melt.  Our jars are preferred packaging for higher temperatures during shipment and ground transport or delivery.  Floral Wax will solidify again by placing jar in refrigerator. 



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