Siam Wood Essential Oil
Siam Wood Essential Oil

Siam Wood Essential Oil

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Fokienia hodginsii, steam distilled wood/roots from Vietnam.
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Botanical Name: Fokienia hodginsii
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method: Certified Organic Steam Distilled
Distillation Date: Sept 2017
Minimum Shelf Life:  Indefinite
Viscosity: Medium; warm to liquefy for ease of dispensing from euro-dropper.
Plant Part: Wood and Roots
Perfume Note: Base
Aroma: Rich, warm, sweet, creamy, woody, balsamic and slightly coniferous

Siam Wood essential oil, also known as Pemou, Po Mu, Fujian Cypress, Coffin Wood, and Bois de Siam, is a precious wood oil from the evergreen conifer Fokienia hodginsii. This newly sourced organic essential oil is deeper aromatically than our previous wildcrafted oil and exudes a sensuous, warm, creamy, sweetly balsamic aroma some find similar to Sandalwood but with nuances of Rosewood and faint Cypress back notes.

This not well known, and not often used essential oil in Western aromatherapy, surely deserves consideration in natural perfume and spiritual blend creations. It has an extremely calming and pleasant aroma for use as a base note in natural perfume and is a less costly alternative to Sandalwood. Siam Wood essential oil is grounding and clearly a must have for spiritual blends. It melds beautifully with Frankincense for a wonderful meditation blend for regaining a new positive, or transitional, perspective.

Siam Wood is native to Asia and recognized as a single genus; the only one living species classified in the subfamily Cupressoideae within the family Cuprressaceae. The aromatic quality of this precious wood peaks after a tree matures to a height of 80-100 feet. Exploitation as a durable fragrant wood resource for furniture and handcrafts in Vietnam caused indiscriminate harvesting. Thankfully sound ecological replanting practices were started hopefully saving the Fokienia h. tree from similar over harvesting situations seen with Rosewood, Sandalwood and other precious woods. Interestingly, the trunk and roots abandoned by loggers as worthless for timber are where the highest concentration of Fokienol is located and from where this natural essential oil is distilled. The main contents of this essential oil consists of over 32% Fokienol and 30% trans-nerolidol.

During a trip to Vietnam, outside of Da Nang on China Beach, night fall brought out huge (and I DO mean huge!) mosquitoes. The spa at the resort suggested a 1% dilution of Siam Wood essential oil to smooth over my legs and arms. That was the first time smelling this oil and found it to be extremely pleasing considering I'm a big Sandalwood fan and it shared a similar aroma. They also provided a small candle oil diffuser for diffusing this essential oil in my room...both worked superbly, for me anyway. As a matter of fact, this oil was more effective than Citronella. The small tiny black sand flies that hosted on my legs during previous walks on the beach did not like this oil at all!

Siam Wood was once used in Asia to build coffins since the wood demonstrates high resistance to degradation by insects and moisture. Perhaps this characteristic inherent with this precious wood is why Siam Wood essential oil is an effective natural insect repellent, particularly against mosquitoes, and documented in scientific research performed on essential oils with high sesquiterpene content. Research source: Page 48, Chapter 2.

Always intrigued with how diffusing essential oil can profoundly effect mood and emotions, especially essential oil with little Western aromatherapy documentation led to my discovery of Dr. Bruce Berkowsky, N.M.D., M.H., NCTMB, a master practitioner, and one of the world's preeminent teachers of deep psycho-spiritual work with essential oils who writes that:

"this oil is not used much in aromatherapy and so there is little discussion in the aromatherapy literature regarding its properties and uses. The oil is noted as being a neuroendocrine tonic and supportive of the pituitary/adrenal pathway and the pituitary/testes pathway. On a physical level, it may have value in cases of adrenal fatigue and low testosterone levels. Pemou is particularly well suited for symptoms such as feelings of: abandonment, isolation, being all alone in the world, disconnectedness, estrangement from society, vulnerability and introversion. Pemou oil may prove useful in addressing the following symptoms: grief associated with the death of a loved one; ailments from grief; depression after grief; fear of death; feelings of isolation; ailments from disappointed love; feels as if separated; feelings of vulnerability; dreams of: death, coffins, funerals, graves, long, forgotten past."

In Vietnam the Pemou (Po Mu) tree is believed to bring eternal life and is used aroma-therapeutically in many parts of SE Asia as an antiseptic, rheumatic anti-inflammatory, in therapeutic massage to enhance vitality, reduce muscle and skin inflammation. It is also diffused in an oil diffuser to help kill bacteria, purify and disinfect the air, and an effective mosquito and insect repellent.

Batch specific GC/MS report of our Siam Wood essential oil  coming soon.

Aromatherapy use: Ambient diffusing may aid adrenal fatigue, low testosterone, depression, grief, stress, improve mental clarity

General uses: Diffuse in oil diffuser; precious woody base note fixative in natural perfume, meditation, chanting, spiritual blends, natural insect repellent

Contraindications: Avoid if pregnant, breastfeeding, with infants or children. Possible skin irritant, use in moderation.


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