Mimosa Floral Wax
Mimosa Floral Wax

Mimosa Floral Wax

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Botanical Name: Acacia decurrens
Country of Origin:  India
Density:  Solid
Minimum Shelf Life:  Stable and Long Term (properly stored)
Packaging:  By weight - PET Jar

Mimosa floral wax is the solid aromatic by-product of making Mimosa absolute. Floral wax is easily liquefied and ideal for adding density with Mimosa flower aroma in solid perfume, lip balms, lotions, creams, soaps, candles, cosmetic and personal care formulations.  Recommended usage up to 10%.  For a stronger scent add a few drops of Mimosa Absolute.  

Floral wax packaged by weight in PET plastic jar.

How To Use Mimosa Floral Wax - Two Easy Examples

Solid Perfume
  1. Melt in glass container (small pyrex measuring cup works best)
  2. Warm small amount of carrier oil of choice in separate container
  3. Add to warmed carrier oil to reach desired softness
  4. Optional:  Achieve a deeper aroma adding a few drops of the absolute or harmonious essential oils. 
  5. Pour in small jar or lip balm tube (will re-solidify when cooled)
  6. Done! 
Creams and Lotions
  1. Melt in glass container (small pyrex measuring cup works best) 
  2. Add during oil phase to cream or lotion base; will add thickness, body, and rich exotic scent 
  3. Done!
Storage Recommendation: We suggest storing in the PET plastic jar we use to package floral waxes.   We do not use plastic or zip lock bags.  

Shipping:  High summertime temperatures can cause floral wax to soften and sometimes melt.  Our jars are preferred packaging for higher temperatures during shipment and ground transport or delivery.  Floral Wax will solidify again by placing jar in refrigerator. 



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