Lavender Essential Oil (USA)
Lavender Essential Oil (USA)

Lavender Essential Oil (USA)

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Lavandula angustifolia, artisan organic grown and steam distilled, from USA.
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Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Country of Origin: USA
Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method: Certified Organic Steam Distilled
Distillation Date: July 2021
Minimum Shelf Life: 5 years
Plant Part: Flowers
Perfume Note: Top
Aroma: Fresh, sweet, slightly herbaceous, floral

Back in Stock!   An exquisite artisan produced Lavender USA essential oil that is aromatically stable and a radiant specimen connoisseurs will adore.

This premium quality Lavender essential oil is organic cultivated and distilled by a certified organic artisan distillery in the great Pacific Northwest. Sweetly floral with a smooth herbaceous balance, simply delightful for aromatherapy, natural perfume, diffusing, or scenting bath and body products.

Northern California, Oregon and Washington State have some of the most pristine Lavender farms in America. If you think premium quality Lavender essential oil only comes from England, France, Bulgaria, Hungary, or even Northern Spain then you simply must try this one.

No matter the origin or cultivation method there can be a range from premium to poor quality essential oil. Producing high quality essential oil depends on favorable climate conditions during growing season, well executed cultivation method, health and vigor of the plants. All this (and more) ultimately ends with knowledge and skill of the distiller. This Lavender USA is an all around winner!

Batch specific GC/MS report of this Lavender USA essential oil available. Select option during checkout to include it with your order.

Aromatherapy use: abdominal cramps, abscesses, acne, allergies, antibacterial, antiseptic, antiviral, arthritis, asthma, athlete’s foot, bee stings, boils, bronchitis, bruises, burns, cold sores, colic, cystitis, dandruff, depression, dermatitis, dysmenorrhea, dyspepsia, earache, eczema, flatulence, flu, gallstones, halitosis, hay fever, headache, high blood pressure, hypertension, inflammation, insect bites, insomnia, laryngitis, lice, lymph congestion, menopause, migraine, muscle ache and pain, nausea, psoriasis, rheumatism, ringworm, scabies, sciatica, shock, sores, sprains, stress, stretch marks, sunburn, tachycardia, thrush, vertigo, water retention, whooping cough

General use: Home fragrance, meditation, cosmetics, skin care, bath and body lotions, creams, gels, massage oil blends, perfume, candles and soaps

Contraindications: Non-toxic, non-irritant, and non-sensitizing.


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