Glass 1mL Pipette Calibrated
Glass 1mL Pipette Calibrated

Glass 1mL Pipette Calibrated

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Glass vial bulb draw pipette measures with calibrated accuracy up to 1mL in 0.25mL increments.  When working with very thick oils and absolutes that require warming to liquefy you can warm the glass vial (a blow dryer works great for this!) before drawing up the liquefied oil.  The warmed glass vial gives you more working time to add your liquefied oil to formulations.  An absolute must have when working with Tonka Bean Absolute, Guaiacwood Essential Oil, Tobacco Absolute, Cocao Absolute, or any solid, semi-solid, or thick essential oil, absolute, or Co2. 

Note: The glass vial and bulb can be separated for washing and sterilizing.
  • Capacity: 1 mL
  • Calibrated for accuracy
  • Washable - Reusable
For measuring or transferring a larger amount (up to 7mL) see our disposable (not glass) graduated transfer pipettes.



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