Glacial Clay
Glacial Clay

Glacial Clay

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Botanical Name:  Nontronite
Origin: New Zealand
Extraction Method: Mined, Dried and Pulverized
Color: Light Tan
Aroma: Near Unnoticeable
Minimum Shelf Life: Indefinite

Glacial clay is one of the most precious clays in the world, as its unique composition is quite rare and exceptionally pure.  Glacial clay has been formed over the span of millions of years from fresh glacial water and ancient volcanic ash at the foothills of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. Its remote location allows glacial clay to remain pure, uniform, and unaltered; requiring careful extraction of its finite reserve. Comprised of nontronite, illite and kaolin, glacial clay is incomparably created of mineral-rich smectite clays.

Glacial clay is a naturally stone-colored clay that is mined, dried, and pulverized resulting in a very fine particle size. This micro-sized property of glacial clay makes it highly versatile in skincare formulations.  It is remarkably effective at both absorbing impurities and gently exfoliating dead skin cells — suitable for all skin types. Glacial clay rejuvenates dull, lackluster skin and energizes its appearance. Skincare treatments formulated with glacial clay help to rebalance skin tone, soften skin’s texture, and improve firmness for an overall radiant complexion.

Glacial clay has a naturally high ionic charge that turns it into a magnet to draw toxins and impurities out of the skin, as well as to pull in nutrients and minerals that condition the skin. The mineral content of glacial clay gives it a neutral pH of about 7, which further extends its versatility in personal care products and usefulness for an array of applications for all types of skin.

Although we encourage all our formulators to experiment with this exceptional clay specimen however they see fit, we will recommend one of our most favorite facial mask recipes that utilizes the powers of this precious glacial clay.

Pure Radiance Facial Mask:

3-1/2 teaspoons glacial clay

1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerin

5 teaspoons rosehip hydrosol

1-2 drops turmeric CO2 extract

Please note, the above recipe is for immediate use after blending.  Adding water (or any ingredient containing water) to any type of powdered clay requires a preservative to keep mold, fungi, and bacteria from forming.  The above recipe is not intended to be made for future use (for example, retail purposes).  For retail inclusion of a preservative is required.

For additional recipe ideas, visit Aromaweb, Aromatherapy Recipes

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