Carrier Oil Co2 Set, 15mL

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7 Skin loving Co2 carrier oils in a set
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Skin loving Co2 carrier oils in a set of seven 15mL bottles presented in our lavender flower embroidered drawstring gift bag.  An amazing value considering these oils are valued at $91.00 if purchased individually.  Sorry, no substitutions allowed.

Set includes 15 mL each:  
Red Raspberry Seed Oil (Temporarily replaces Red Raspberry CO2)

Amaranth: Amaranth oil contains a very high concentration of Squalene (current batch has 7.2%), which is one of the most common lipids produced by our own skin and a natural moisturizer.
Borage:  Helps counteract the effects of free radicals and is also recommended for treating dry and itchy skin, and is often used on infants to alleviate and control cradle cap.
Pomegranate: botanical source of conjugated Linolenic acid, also known as Punicic acid (73.3%), one of the most potent antioxidants available to modern science, and a natural phytoestrogen (plant based estrogen), which supports hormonal balance and skin health in both men and women.
Red Raspberry: Especially well suited for making products intended to soothe, support, nourish and moisturize damaged, mature and problem skin types either on it's own or blended with other oils.
Rosehip: Use in skin moisturizing, hydrating, dry, and anti-aging formulations.  Because this is a total extract much less is needed in blends, up to 2% versus 100% of the standard oil.
Sandalwood Seed: Contains Ximenynic Acid, an established anti-inflammarory lipid, making Sandalwood Seed oil preferable in anti-aging creams, facial night repair creams, body lotions targeting cellulite and hair care formulas.
Seabuckthorn Berry: Effective with dehydrated skin, mature skin, wrinkles, acne, eczema, dermatitis, skin ulcers, burns, and sunburn. 


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