Aglaia Flower Absolute
Aglaia Flower Absolute

Aglaia Flower Absolute

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Aglaia odorata, wildcrafted flowers, solvent extracted, Thailand.
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Botanical Name: Aglaia odorata
Country of Origin: Thailand
Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Extraction Method: Solvent
Extraction Date: Jan 2021
Minimum Shelf Life: 4 Years
Grade: Absolute/Fine Perfumery
Plant Part: Flowers

We have stocked Aglaia absolute for years, with each batch being different.  This is not uncommon, but we wanted to find the aromatics of  Aglaia we had several years ago.  Through an exhaustive search and trying many samples we have finally found it.  This new batch embodies everything we hoped for, right down to its greenish gold to golden brown color.

This Aglaia Flower Absolute from Thailand has ethereal sweet, floral, and green tea notes that embellish natural and high end perfumes.  Aglaia is a rare gem in perfumery with a succulent fruity side teetering between notes of peaches and pears.

Although the undiluted aroma is strong, without a harmonious fixative Aglaia can be fleeting; Agarwood (Oud) or Tonka Bean blend well with Aglaia and are excellent fixatives. To add fruity, floral, green tea notes in Oriental bouquets this absolute is not to be missed! You may find the floral-fruity aroma shares similarity with Osmanthus, however, Aglaia should not be considered a substitute for premium quality Osmanthus Absolute.  The best way to distinguish between Aglaia and Osmanthus is the faint citrusy back note in Aglaia.

Aglaia is an ornamental bush that is grown in pots indoors or in the garden and thrives outdoors in tropical locations throughout SE Asia in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam and Laos.  Aglaia flowers are tiny, about 2 mm (rice sized) and pack a robust aroma during daytime hours but little to no scent expressed during the night. Despite its flower name the actual flowers do not open and are instead tiny fragrant balls.  Because of their incredibly small size it takes tons of them to produce just one kilogram of absolute.  The amount of  tiny flowers required is directly related to its cost.  Aglaia's resilient smell earned it the common name perfume plant for good reason. 

There are no documented aromatherapy uses of Aglaia odorata although we find its uplifting aroma brings a feeling of happiness, peacefulness, and is emotionally calming.

Aromatherapy use:
None documented; may be useful for anxiety and stress; spiritual

General use: Natural and fine perfume, base note fixative, fragrance ingredient: soap, lotions, potpourri, air fresheners, bath and body products

Contraindications: None known

Image: Mokkie

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