Buying Essential Oil

Where to buy essential oil demands a lot of caution. Whether for aromatherapy, clinical, perfume, soap and candle making, spiritual, meditation, or to add all-natural fragrance in the home its crucial to know some facts about the oil as well as the establishment selling it.

Many essential oils mass marketed have doubtful authenticity and are poor quality. Essential oil can vary in quality ranging from purity, percentage of natural ingredients, origin, production, cultivation, extraction methods, and even the weather during the growing season of the originating raw material. These factors in establishing quality and purity are the main reasons that cause difficulty and confusion, especially to anyone taking their first steps buying pure essential oil.

At Lotus Garden Botanicals we do our utmost to understand the needs of our customers. We provide clear and precise detailed information about all our oils. Only premium quality 100% pure essential oils, absolutes, and Co2 extracts that pass rigorous testing make it to our lineup.

Our philosophy is based around all-natural cruelty free products. We do not offer synthetic fragrance oil and do not use such synthetics in our aromatherapy bath and body skin care items. Every pure essential oil we offer is either: Wildcrafted, Ethically Farmed, Organic Grown, or Certified Organic Distilled. We also offer many hexane free absolutes.

Our pure essential oil, absolutes, and Co2 extracts are hand poured in amber colored light blocking glass bottles to protect and extend shelf life. Never purchase or store pure essential oil in a plastic bottle. Storing pure essential oil, Co2 extract or absolute oil in plastic will dissolve the plastic, contaminating the oil and cause it to lose purity and potency rendering it no longer suitable for use.

To coin a phrase "you get what you pay for"; this is especially true when shopping for pure essential oils. Many of the highest quality oils are costly to manufacture, source, and import from locations around the world.

In the past you could reliably purchase pure essential oil online that included the botanical (scientific) Latin name of the plant used, the parts of the plant used, country of origin and extraction method employed to achieve the specific essential oil. Sadly this is no longer true due to many companies that have copied information from reputable companies and include this information in a deceptive manner, to make it appear their product is pure, when in fact it is either a synthetic (lab created) fragrance oil or an adulterated essential oil.

Many charlatans offer essential oil for ridiculously low prices by misrepresenting them in an attempt to capitalize on the increasing demand for high quality pure essential oil. Unfortunately, there is currently no administrative body to serve as watchdog so is left up to the consumer. Some sellers even claim to have Certified Therapeutic Grade essential oil even though there is no governing body that assigns such grade, not even the FDA.

We use the terms clinical grade, aroma-therapeutic, and pure essential oil used in professional aromatherapy as suggested by the NAHA. Further information about the non-existence of classification or certification of a therapeutic grade essential oil can be found in an article by CropWatch. Another excellent source for information about the term therapeutic grade being a misleading claim can be found here.

We provide a MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) for shipping bulk and international orders. We also have Certificate of Analysis (CA) and GC-MS (Gas Chromatography) analysis for our essential oils. If you are interested to receive this documentation for products being ordered simply let us know in the order comments section. If you would like to receive analysis information for a specific product prior to making a purchase please contact us and we will happily send it to you by email.

We also hope you find the information below reassuring as it concerns our professional and hygienic packaging of all essential oil products. We take hygiene, purity, and quality very seriously before affixing the Lotus Garden Botanicals name to our oils!

Every essential oil, absolute, and Co2 extract is hygienically bottled and labeled disclosing vital information pertaining to its botanical (scientific) Latin name, Country of Origin, Cultivation and Extraction method.

Secure Hygienic Bottled

All Lotus Garden Botanicals essential oil products are hand poured from our climate controlled storage into a sterilized amber colored glass bottle. We sterilize bottles with heat/steam (121C / 250F).

Our bottled oils are capped with a tamper resistant euro-drop (orifice reducer) top and security shrink band. The euro-dropper insert is helpful for dispensing oil by the drop and is applied when the tamper resistant cap is set into place. For large sized 8 and 16 ounce bottles we use phenolic cone lined caps without orifice reducer. Taking these important steps helps to reduce the risk of products becoming contaminated during handling or packaging. Our products are shipped to our customers to arrive fresh and hygienically packaged.

We believe taking these important measures provides our customers with a level of confidence that our products have been analyzed, are pure and unadulterated, hygienically packaged, and are ready to break the security seal and enjoy!
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