Tagetes Essential Oil, 1 mL Sample
Tagetes Essential Oil, 1 mL Sample

Tagetes Essential Oil, 1 mL Sample

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Unsure? Try a 1 mL Sample first. Tagetes minuta L. var bipinata, certified organic steam distilled fresh flowers, from Madagascar.
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Botanical Name:  Tagetes minuta L. var bipinata
Country of Origin:  Madagascar
Cultivation:  Organic
Extraction Method: Certified Organic Steam Distilled
Distillation Date: Jan 2017
Minimum Shelf Life:  5 years
Plant Part: Fresh Flowers
Perfume Note: Top
Aroma:  Sweet, smooth, herbaceous, fruity, green citrusy floral
Blends well with: Bergamot, Champaca GoldenChampaca Pink, Frangipani, Jasmine grand, Jasmine sambac, Juniper Berry, LavenderLemon, MandarinMyrrh, Orange Sweet, Rose MorocTangerine

A marvelous specimen of Tagetes essential oil!  The aroma of Tagetes bipinata, a hybrid variety grown in Madagascar, is exceptionally smooth, considerably sweeter and less green than other types of Tagetes (Marigold) oil.  When visiting the distiller in Madagascar we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful color and smell of this hybrid growing in the tropical sun.

Known for insect repellent qualities and for treating several skin conditions, dermatologically the essential oil of marigold is said to alleviate skin conditions such as acne, boils and psoriasis. Tagetes essential oil is powerful and also phototoxic.  It should be diluted to 0.01-0.5% for dermal applications.

This premium quality organic Tagetes goes beautifully in natural perfume. Because the Tagetes hybrid bipinata produces a sweeter, less tart, more floral essential oil it is hands down the preferred choice of Tagetes for use in perfumery.  The aroma does not tend to overpower plus it lends a delicious mouth watering fruity green apple note to accords!

Aromatherapy use: anti-infectious, anti-microbial, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-spasmodic, anti-parasitic, antiseptic, insecticide, sedative

General use: Oil diffusers, potpourri, massage oil, perfume, bath oil, bath salt, bath and shower gels, spa treatment oils and creams, soap, candles

Contraindications: Avoid while pregnant. Phototoxic, dilute to 0.01-0.05% for dermal applications. May cause skin irritation.


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