Scotch Pine Essential Oil, 1 mL Sample
Scotch Pine Essential Oil, 1 mL Sample

Scotch Pine Essential Oil, 1 mL Sample

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Unsure? Try a 1 mL Sample first. Pinus sylvestris, certified organic steam distilled needles. Piney, earthy, balsamic, from France.
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Botanical Name: Pinus sylvestris
Country of Origin: Bulgaria
Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled 
Distillation Date: Sep 2019
Minimum Shelf Life: 4 years
Plant Part: Needles
Perfume Note: Top
Aroma: Balsamic, earthy, warm, radiant, piney, coniferous
Blends well with: Cedarwood Atlantic (Atlas)Clove BudEucalyptusFir Needle SiberianLavenderLemonMarjoramOrange BloodOrange SweetRosemarySage DalmatianTangerineTea Tree

This Scotch Pine exudes a clear fresh warm piney scent, vastly different to horrid pine aromas associated with commercial and industrial bathroom or household cleaning chemicals! You will find the aroma of this organic grown Scotch Pine essential oil from Bulgaria pleasant and elevating to emotions. Many Pine essential oils are distilled from needles plus twigs and branches; this essential oil is from needles only for a true representation of natural fresh pine. One whiff and you will fall in love with this beautiful oil, recollect spending an enjoyable time in the forest, or envisage walking through the woods after a light rain with a loved one!

Scotch Pine is a delightful addition to room sprays, natural perfume, incense and diffuser blends. Diffusing a few drops in a candle oil diffuser along with Orange Sweet and Clove Bud during winter holiday parties will have guests raving at how divine your home smells plus Scotch Pine has natural antibacterial properties important for combating bacteria during winter months when gathering in closed in places effected by low humidity from heated air. The aroma of Scotch Pine in a room spray radiates with a fresh coniferous scent that is uplifting to mind and body.

In a masculine natural perfume blend, just a touch is needed for a soft conifer addition. Scotch Pine melds beautifully with the floral herbaceous notes in Bulgarian Lavender and the vibrancy in citrus oils, Blood Orange and Tangerine are our favorites!

Aroma-therapeutically, Scotch Pine is reported to be helpful as a decongestant for lungs, sinuses, and head as well as allergies, colds, flu, and sinus infections. Scotch Pine has antibacterial, expectorant, antiseptic, and detoxifying properties. Because its detoxifying, adding a few drops of Scotch Pine on the shower wall is fantastic for enjoying a ‘steam shower’ and is said to help eliminate toxins through perspiration. An added plus when used in steam is the opening of respiratory pathways to promote clear breathing. The emotional uplift produced from smelling the beautiful aroma of Scotch Pine will have you feeling fresh and renewed! Although Eucalyptus has similar benefits, the aroma of Scotch Pine is very enjoyable particularly if you aren't a big fan of Eucalyptus.

The high amount of antibacterial and antiseptic properties makes Scotch Pine essential oil a fantastic addition to natural household cleansers in places where bacteria thrives. For cleaning kitchen and bathroom counter tops to tubs and showers, tile walls and floors, no household should be without Scotch Pine.
Aromatherapy use: antibacterial, antiseptic, arthritis, asthma, catarrh, coughs, colds, fatigue, flu, muscular aches, nervous exhaustion, neuralgia, rheumatism, stress, sinusitis

General use
: Oil diffuser diffusion, potpourri, massage oil and creams, natural perfume, bath and body care products, home cleaning, soap making, candle making

Contraindications: Non-toxic, non-irritant (must dilute), possible sensitization. Avoid with skin allergies.



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