Red Rose Buds and Petals
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Red Rose Buds and Petals

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From Rosa centifolia flowers organically grown in Egypt.
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Botanical Name: Rosa centifolia
Origin: Egypt
Cultivation Method:  Organic Grown
Extraction Method: Dried
Plant Part: Flowers
Production Date:  Dec 2020
Minimum Shelf Life: 2 years (Sealed)

These red rose buds and petals are from Rosa centifolia flowers, the same botanical used in our Rose de Mai Absolute.  Many dried roses offered in the marketplace are from Rosa canina (Rose Hip), so is important when shopping for aromatic rose buds and petals that they be from Rosa centifolia or Rosa damascena.  There is no mistaking the beautiful aroma of a true rose and this one definitely has a rosy aroma one would expect from Rosa centifolia flowers.  We have sourced these from Egypt and for travelling from so far away they have maintained their shape really well making them perfect for garnishing bath salt or any other crafted product where appearance is important.  There are whole flower buds and petals co-mingling in our packages.  We loosely fill stand-up pouch style envelopes to avoid crushing the buds and petals.  As a result when ordering 16oz you will receive two 8 oz packages.

This is a culinary grade of rose flowers and petals that has been hand cleaned of most debris, are beautifully aromatic and perfect for garnishing bath salts, potpourri or scented sachet bags, as well as in soaps and many other bath products.  

Note:  While we do not sell our products for consumption, as a matter of information, these culinary grade dried Rosa centifolia flowers can be added to herbal teas or any other culinary purposes.  

Rose Bath Salt Recipe

1-1/2 cups Himalayan Pink Salt Extra-Fine

1-1/2 cups Himalayan Pink Salt Fine

10 drops Blushing Rose Pure Essential Oil Blend

5 drops Rose Absolute Bulgarian*

2 drops Vetiver Haiti Essential Oil (Base note to anchor the rose oils)

8 Tbps Dedritic Salt

*Substitute with Rose Otto Essential Oil or Rose de Mai Absolute for ultimate decadence

1 Tbsp Vodka or other high proof alcohol**

1 Tbsp Jojoba -or- carrier oil of your choice

**Isoprophyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) can NOT be substituted.  High proof alcohol acts as the emulsifier to keep essential oils and carrier oil from separating and floating on top of the water.


1.   Mix essential oil with Dendritic Salts and then blend into Himalayan Pink Salt.

2.   Drizzle vodka over salt mixture using a pipette.

3.   Add Jojoba or carrier oil into mixture and stir with fork.

4.   Garnish with dried rose petals (optional)

5.   Spoon into jars and close with tight fitting cap.

To extend the shelf life  up to 2 years always keep packaging closed except when dispensing.  At LGB we keep dried flowers in optimum storage conditions.

For bulk sizes larger than 5 Lbs Contact Us.

For additional recipe ideas, visit Aromaweb, Aromatherapy Recipes


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