Orris Root Essential Oil (15% Irones)
Orris Root Essential Oil (15% Irones)

Orris Root Essential Oil (15% Irones)

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Orris Root (15% Irones), an alternative to raw Orris Root Powder, is ready to use and soluble in alcohol or oils
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Botanical Name: Iris germanica
Country of Origin: France
Cultivation:  Ethical Farmed (Pesticide Free)
Extraction Method:  Steam Distilled
Extraction Date:  May 2019
Minimum Shelf Life: 3 Years 
Grade: Clinical/Fine Perfumery
Plant Part: Roots
Viscosity:  Thick; Butter consistency; Requires warming to liquefy 
Perfume Note: Base
Aroma:  Deep earthy, slightly balsamic and woody with soft violet-like aroma
Blends well with: All essential oils, absolutes and Co2 extracts as a fixative
Soluble: Alcohol and oils

Back In Stock!  Orris Root (15% Irones), also known as Orris Butter, is soluble in alcohol or oils. Above ground Iris germanica is a lovely flower often referred to as bearded iris.  Although a beautiful flower it is the roots that are the source for extracting this marvelous essential oil.  Orris Root with high irone content is considered a top fixative in perfumery with its soft violet-like aroma that is best observed when highly diluted. 

We previously stocked Orris Root 10% Irones.  Repeated requests from perfumers led to replacing our Orris 10% with this exquisite Orris Butter with 15% Irones. Orris Root with 1% and 3% Irones is not pure and is soluble only in fixed oils.  Our Orris (15% Irones) is PURE and soluble in both alcohol and fixed oils. Orris Root 15% Irones is highly revered by perfumers for its unique powerful violet-like note fixative qualities. A VERY small amount goes a long way!

We dispense Orris Root by gram weight. Sorry no free samples of this product.  We suggest purchasing a 1 mL sample of this rare oil.

General use:  A natural fixative for perfume blends. Requires gentle warming to fully liquefy.

Contraindications: None known

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