Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Filtered)
Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Filtered)

Meadowfoam Seed Oil (Filtered)

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Limnanthes alba, expeller pressed seeds, filtered. Amazingly stable, highly emollient, quickly penetrates leaving a silky smooth feel. Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA.
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Botanical Name: Limnanthes alba
Cultivation: Cooperatively farmed by OMG (Oregon Meadowfoam Growers)
Origin: Willamette Valley, Oregon, USA
Plant Part:  Seeds (Non GMO)
Primary Use: Carrier / Base Oil
Extraction Method: Expeller Pressed / Filtered
Extraction Date: May 2021
Minimum Shelf Life: 5 Years
Color: Clear
Aroma:  None

Meadowfoam seed oil is amazingly stable, highly emollient, and quickly penetrates the epidermis leaving skin with a silky smooth feel. It is also taken up by hair cuticles to encourage shiny healthy hair when added to hair care products. 

There are two types of Meadowfoam oil, our unrefined cold pressed, and this expeller pressed/filtered.  Because the cold pressed oil has a strong aroma we now offer the filtered version for those wanting all the benefits of this oil but without aroma.   
The distinctive molecular structure unique to Meadowfoam seed oil in the form of naturally occurring Tocopherols (Vit E) with 98% long chain fatty acids (C20 and C22) containing over 20 carbon atoms make it extremely suitable for cosmetic use in a plethora of skin and hair care formulas. Its ability to prevent loss of moisture renders it a choice ingredient in anti-aging blends. Expeller pressed and filtered Meadowfoam Seed oil is highly resistant to heat and oxidation. Consider adding a small amount to other fragile carrier/base oils to help prevent rancidity and extend longevity.

We bottle our Meadowfoam in dark amber glass bottles up to 16 oz the same way we do for all our fine oils.  

Uses and Benefits of Expeller Pressed Meadowfoam Seed Oil:

  • Mature and Anti-aging Skin Care
  • Lip Care
  • Hair Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Soap Making
  • Aromatherapy
  • Massage

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