Lotus Blue Absolute Hexane Free
Lotus Blue Absolute Hexane Free

Lotus Blue Absolute Hexane Free

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Nymphaea caerulea, organic grown and artisan hexane free extracted in Thailand. Extremely rare!
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Botanical Name: Nymphaea caerulea
Country of Origin: Thailand
Cultivation:  Organic
Extraction Method: Benign Solvent, Hexane Free
Extraction Date:  Sep 2019
Minimum Shelf Life: 4 Years
Grade: Absolute/Fine Perfumery
Plant Part:  Flowers
Viscosity:  Mobile Liquid 
Perfume Note:  Middle
Aroma:  Floral, sweet, aquatic
Blends well with:  All citrus, florals, spices, mints, woods, and resins.  Some of our favorites: Agarwood (Oud)NeroliChampaca Pink, Ginger Lily Co2, OsmanthusRose Otto, Rose AbsoluteSandalwoodSiam Wood (Pemou)White Ginger LilyYlang Ylang Extra

The absolute oil of blue lotus is among the world's very rarest. Not only are blue lotus flowers very uncommon, it takes an extremely skilled artisan producer to delicately and painstakingly extract the oil into an absolute so all of its complex aromatics stay in tact —  without hexane.  After searching high and low across Asia, we discovered a very special and unique extraction of organically grown Nymphaea caerulea.  Blue Lotus is in the same botanical family as Nelumbo nucifera (true Lotus), which is why it’s commonly referred to as Blue Lotus.  Truth be told, Blue Lotus is actually a water lily.  In India it is an honored flower and called Sacred Blue Lotus.  However, the elongated and pointed petals give Blue Lotus a visually distinguishable characteristic of a water lily.

This extremely rare absolute was produced using a hexane-free solvent and sourced from an artisan producer in Thailand that specializes in making premium aromatics in small batches.  We sampled this batch during a trip to Thailand in December 2019 and were utterly blown away by its complex floral, sweet, aquatic aromatics.  Blue Lotus Absolute is so complex and tenacious that it can hold its own as a single-ingredient fragrance.  One drop and this divine floral opens up like a blossoming flower, unveiling its euphorically sweet top note that weaves deeply throughout the powdery middle note and tenacious dry down. In order to lift the more delicate notes into the forefront, it’s recommended to strongly dilute Blue Lotus Absolute in a base oil. This Blue Lotus Absolute is highly potent and very strong, which is indicative of its superior extraction.  It can be overpowering if undiluted.  Because of its vast aromatic complexity, Blue Lotus blends well with practically everything: citrus, florals, spices, mints, woods, and resins.  It particularly augments other green florals and uplifts herbaceous notes with a sophisticated and chic aquatic accord — just use sparingly. 

Blue Lotus Absolute contains sedative properties which makes it useful as a sleep aid, natural anti-anxiety remedy, stress reliever, aphrodisiac, and to calm muscle spasms.  In skincare, blue lotus has offered pronounced relief to dry, flaky, and inflamed skin—providing intense moisture while balancing sebum.

There are no free samples of this rare absolute.  To sample please purchase our 1 mL sample size.

Aromatherapy use:  anti-anxiety, anti-insomnia, antispasmodic, anti-stress

General use: Diffusion, potpourri, natural perfume, skin care formulations, soap and candle scenting, spiritual, meditation, yoga 

Contraindications: None known


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