Lavender Hydrosol, Organic (USA)
Lavender Hydrosol, Organic (USA)

Lavender Hydrosol, Organic (USA)

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Lavandula angustifolia, artisan distilled fresh flower tops, from USA.
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Botanical Name:  Lavandula angustifolia
Origin: Organic Artisan Distilled in USA
Plant Part:  Flowers
Distillation Date:  Oct 2020
Minimum Shelf Life:  2 Years 
Aroma:  Soft, floral, herbaceous, slightly sweet

Extremely versatile and the number one "reach to" hydrosol with infinite uses! This USA organic grown Lavender Hydrosol has a herbaceous and sweet velvety floral aroma.  Very gentle and safe to use with children and pets.

Use to add a wonderful aroma to skin care items, particularly when blended with our Rose Otto Hydrosol, Organic.  Use instead of water in clay facials, masks, or any skin care formulation. Suzanne Catty mentions Lavender Hydrosol can help prevent ingrown hairs and is a good addition to pre-shave formulations. Consider blending with Neroli essential oil or our Organic Neroli Hydrosol for skin care items intended for men.  The antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in this hydrosol may also be useful with problem skin and acne.  

The wonderful thing about using Lavender Hydrosol in skin care is that it is a balancing humectant and can be used by all skin types from oily to dry.  It also makes a good wound wash for cuts and scrapes. 

Beneficial Uses of Lavender USA Hydrosol, Organic:
  • Bed linen and pillow spray
  • Balancing and toning to all skin types
  • Mist to ease anxiety, irritability, stress, mental fatigue and depression
  • Soothing to irritated or burned skin; cooling to sunburned skin
  • Add to water phase in skin care products
  • Use to replace water in clay facial masks
  • Wound washing and cleansing
The shelf life of hydrosols is generally up to 2 years or longer when properly stored in the refrigerator. This Organic Lavender  Hydrosol from USA contains no preservatives.

References: Catty, Suzanne;  Hydrosols The Next Aromatherapy, Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT 2001


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