Juniper Berry Co2 Extract Organic
Juniper Berry Co2 Extract Organic

Juniper Berry Co2 Extract Organic

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Radiant, sweet, woody, fresh, spicy, balsamic, warm, true aroma of juniper berries. A perfumers delight!
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Botanical Name: Juniperus communis L.
Country of Origin: India
Cultivation:  Wildcrafted
Extraction Method: Supercritical CO2 Select, Certified Organic Processed
Extraction Date:  Sep 2019
Minimum Shelf Life:  5 Years 
Grade: Clinical/Fine Perfumery
Plant Part: Ripe Berries
Perfume Note: Middle
Aroma:  Radiant, sweet, woody, fresh, spicy, balsamic, warm, true aroma of juniper berries
Blends well with: Cedarwood Atlas, Cypress, Elemi, Fir Needle Siberian, Lavender Bulgarian, NeroliSandalwood, Scotch Pine, Vetiver

Radiant, fresh, and bright! A vibrant bouquet of notes just like fresh juniper berries highlights this Co2 select extract.  Wildcrafted juniper berries and certified organic supercritical Co2 extraction produced this beautiful and diverse oil that can be used in both aromatherapy and natural perfume. 

Therapeutically, this Juniper Berry Co2 contains a wider range of compounds compared to steam distilled Juniper Berry essential oil. Both the Co2 select extract and pure essential oil are highly astringent and said to be excellent for acne and oily prone skin types. Because of the broad range of compounds present in this Co2 extract it can be beneficial for addressing rheumatic pain, fluid retention, bloating, detoxification, depression and stress related conditions.  Juniper Berry is also often incorporated in massage blends for athletes or those who experience leg, feet, and general muscle cramps resulting from physical exertion. 

We offer two types of Juniper Berry, this Co2 select extract and Juniper Berry pure essential oil. The Co2 select is highly recommended for use in natural perfume because it exhibits a strong more profound aroma with a long dry down for a radiant middle note. It is more energetic than Juniper Berry essential oil with a crisp aroma that beckons to be reached for in natural perfume blends where it melds particularly well with masculine accords.  Although rarely mentioned outside fine perfume artisan circles, Juniper Berry combined with sweet and citrusy floral notes of Neroli plus a touch of Cedarwood Atlas and Vetiver forms the luscious backbone in several masculine and unisex haute perfumes.     

Aromatherapy use: acne, arthritis, antiseptic, astringent, bloating, bronchitis, depression, detoxifying, diuretic (fluid retention), frigidity, jock itch, muscular aches, cramps, spasms, and sprains, rheumatic pain, stress and nervous conditions

General use: Oil diffusers, incense, potpourri, massage oil, perfume, bath oil, bath salt, bath and shower gels, spa treatment oils and creams, soap making, candle making, meditation

Contraindications: Do not use while pregnant or nursing. Do not use with kidney disease. Not for use with small children or the elderly.

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