Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute 10% (Hexane Free/Certified Organic)
Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute 10% (Hexane Free/Certified Organic)

Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute 10% (Hexane Free/Certified Organic)

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Jasminum grandiflorum, Hexane Free and certified organic extracted Absolute, pre-mixed 10% in Fractionated Coconut Oil, ready-to-use. An affordable option to the pure absolute.
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Botanical Name: Jasminum grandiflorum
Country of Origin: India
Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method: Certified Organic Hexane Free extracted 
Strength: 10% Pre-Mixed in Fractionated Coconut Oil
Plant Part: Flowers
Perfume Note: Middle/Base
Aroma:   Soft sweet, bright fresh floral, slight fruity green accords

Jasmine grandiflorum absolute 10%, hexane free and certified organic extracted, pre-mixed in Fractionated Coconut Oil. An exceptional Jasmine and the most affordable option to our pure absolute.  For additional information or to purchase the pure absolute used in this 10% dilution click here

The beautiful aroma of Jasmine grandiflorum in this pre-blended 10% absolute is ready to enjoy.   The smooth rounded expression of Jasmine's fresh, crisp, fruity notes completely unfold and are nothing short of sublime in this 10% dilution. 

Aromatherapy use: anxiety, catarrh, cough, depression, dysentery, dysmenorrhea, eczema, low energy, frigidity, hepatitis, hoarseness, labor pain, lethargy, listlessness, muscle spasms, stress

General use: Fragrance, perfume, additive for skin care, massage oil, bath oil, bath salt, bath and shower gels, body lotion, spa treatment oils and creams. NOT for use in oil warmers/diffusers/diffusers.

Contraindications: In rare cases, may cause allergic reaction; do not use on very sensitive skin; do not use if pregnant or breast feeding.


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