Grape Seed Oil
Grape Seed Oil

Grape Seed Oil

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Grape Seed oil, rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids. Very high in linoleic acid. Vitis vinifera
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Botanical Name: Vitis vinifera L., ssp. Gruener Veltliner
Origin: Portugal
Cultivation Method:  Organic Grown
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Part: Seed
Extraction Date: Nov 2020
Minimum Shelf Life: 1-2 years (Refrigerated)

This highly nutritive Grape Seed oil is produced by cold pressing the seeds from the Gruener Veltliner variety of Vitis vinifera, a white grape, that results in a wonderfully light but highly moisturizing oil.  Because this oil is cold pressed and unrefined it has an earthy, herbal, oily aroma.  Grape Seed oil is rich in Vitamin E and essential fatty acids with more linoleic acid than most other carrier oils. The linoleic acid content of Grape Seed oil is highly moisturizing yet light making it ideal for use in skin care. The oil is absorbed very quickly making Grape Seed  oil excellent for a variety of skin care applications, massage oil and cream bases. Grape Seed oil is a preferred cosmetic ingredient for damaged and stressed tissues because it possesses regenerative and restructuring qualities that allow a better control of re-hydration of the skin.

To extend the shelf life of Grade Seed oil we recommend adding 5mL Vitamin E oil per 16oz Grape Seed oil.  It is also highly recommended that you keep this oil refrigerated, tightly capped, and either top up or pour down into a smaller bottle after using to reduce head space and thus reducing the amount of air trapped in the top of the bottle.  Doing all this can extend the shelf life up to 2 years.  At LGB we keep this oil refrigerated and in optimum storage conditions.

For bulk sizes larger than 5 gallons please Contact Us.

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