Genet (Broom) Absolute Hexane Free
Genet (Broom) Absolute Hexane Free

Genet (Broom) Absolute Hexane Free

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Genet Absolute, also known as Broom, is a truly exquisite specimen composed of exotically sweet, honeyed rose-like floral notes.
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Botanical Name: Spartium junceum
Country of Origin: Italy/France
Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Extraction Method: Hexane free extracted in Grasse, France 
Extraction Date:  May 2021
Minimum Shelf Life: 3 Years
Grade: Absolute/Fine Perfumery/Aroma-therapeutic
Plant Part: Flower
Viscosity:  Viscous liquid, solid to semi-solid, requires gentle warming to liquefy 
Perfume Note: Base/Middle
Aroma:  Exotic floral, sweet honey-rose-like, nuance of hay with courmarin notes
Blends well with: Bergamot, Clary Sage, Clove Bud, Coriander, Ginger, Grapefruit, Lemon, Tangerine, Neroli,  Orange, Patchouli, Rose Moroc,  Rose Otto, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang, Ylang Ylang Extra

Grown in Italy and hexane-free extracted in Grasse, France.  Our floral absolute of Spartium junceum is rare and costly, yet tenaciously aromatic. Genet Absolute, also known as Broom, is a truly exquisite specimen composed of exotically sweet, honeyed rose-like floral notes. A must-have ingredient for the most sophisticated artisan perfumers and fragrance connoisseurs. Genet has the unique ability to round out rough edges in fragrances — even the smallest amount can delicately smooth and anchor just the right notes.  By orchestrating all perfume notes into a symphonic balance, it's no wonder why Genet is known as the secret ingredient to fix, smooth, and enhance all notes in any fragrance blend.

According to Steffen Arctander, Genet Absolute "is one of the most generally applicable of all floral absolutes since trace amounts will yield perceptible improvement without being noticeable as a 'perfumery' note."  He also describes Genet "with an intensely sweet, floral-haylike fragrance.  The deep herbaceous-coumarinic background has great tenacity.  The honey-rose notes are particularly useful in certain types of rose bases, tuberose, cassie, mimosa, violet, honeysuckle, etc.  It blends excellently with ionones, vetiver, castoreum, etc. in 'tabac' notes, and it is generally useful in modern aldehydic perfume types, green notes, etc."

Genet Absolute used in perfumery, is produced only from the botanical Spartium juneceum, the sole species in the genus Spartium.  Although related and commonly referred to as Broom, true Genet should not be confused with Cytisus scoparius, Scotch Broom, and commonly also named Broom.   As with the best things in life, if the price is too good to be true, it is probably not real — as there are many imitations and synthetics on the market labeled as Genet Absolute.  Pure Genet hexane-free absolute is very costly, as production is extremely limited with 400kg of flowers to render just 100g of precious absolute oil. 

Although Genet Absolute is distinctive within the perfume industry, it is well worth noting a recent study citing possible skin care benefits. In a scholarly study (In vitro tyrosinase inhibitory and antioxidant potential of Consolida orientalis, Onosma isauricum and Spartium junceum) published January 2018, "...S. junceum was investigated as a tyrosinase inhibitor for the management of epidermal hyperpigmentation.  S. junceum showed promising activity that warrant further studies and could be considered as a potent candidate for the development of phytoremedies for the management of epidermal hyperpigmentation."

We are unable to offer free samples of this precious rare absolute.  To familiarize yourself with Genet we recommend purchasing a 1g sample.

Aromatherapy use: Anti-stress, calming, meditation, yoga

General use: Natural ingredient for adding honey-rose notes, fixing notes, and rounding out rough edges in perfumery. 

Contraindications: None known


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