French Yellow Clay
French Yellow Clay

French Yellow Clay

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Botanical Name: Illite (French Yellow Clay)
Origin: France
Extraction Method: Mined, Dried and Pulverized
Color: Yellow
Aroma: Near Unnoticeable
Minimum Shelf Life: Indefinite

Our French yellow clay is considered the ‘goldilocks’ of clays, as it fits perfectly in the middle of the spectrum— not too strong and not too mild. French yellow clay is a gentler and more mild version than our green clay variety, as its composition contains less iron oxide and does not subject any tug to the skin.  It is however stronger than our Kaolin white clay, being that it does draw oil and impurities out of the skin. This makes French yellow clay adaptable to any type of skin, targeting a more combination skin type (normal to dry and normal to oily). 

According to mineralogy, French yellow clay is considered an illite clay and is formed when minerals in the earth react with heat and acidic ground water. It is extracted from natural rock quarries in France and contains high amounts of iron, magnesium, potassium, calcium, and trace elements. 

French yellow clay is notorious for its versatilely in skin care applications. It is commonly formulated with water (aqua) in skincare products such as facial masks, but replacing a portion or all of the water ingredient with a hydrosol greatly enhances yellow clay’s stimulating and rebalancing properties. Rose geranium, cucumber, carrot seed, lavender, frankincense, rose otto, and rosehip all make excellent hydrosol choices in a yellow clay based formula being that they are mildly astringent and also soothing.

Rebalancing Facial Mask:

3-1/2 teaspoons French yellow clay

1/2 teaspoon vegetable glycerin

5 teaspoons rose geranium hydrosol

2 drops carrot seed CO2 extract

Please note, the above recipe is for immediate use after blending.  Adding water (or any ingredient containing water) to any type of powdered clay requires a preservative to keep mold, fungi, and bacteria from forming.  The above recipe is not intended to be made for future use (for example, retail purposes).  For retail inclusion of a preservative is required. 


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