Frankincense rivae Resin (RARE)
Frankincense rivae Resin (RARE)

Frankincense rivae Resin (RARE)

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Boswellia rivae wild harvested from Ethiopia.
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Botanical Name:  Boswellia rivae
Origin:  Ogaden, Ethiopia

Frankincense rivae resin (Boswellia rivae) is wild harvested from a tribal co-op in Ogedan located in Ethiopia's Eastern Somali region.  Frankincense rivae is perhaps the sweetest of all Frankincense resins, some say candy-like, and it is quite rare. Painstakingly harvested by hand, Frankincense rivae resin takes one on an unforgettable aromatic journey that is ever so pleasing to the senses with its sweet, citrus, nuances of fruit aroma notes.  We are blessed to receive this extremely aromatic freshly harvested resin as there is so little harvested annually. We happily and proudly support this co-op of resin collectors who go out daily searching for the very best resin so that it can be brought forth for our enjoyment and holistic medicinal benefits.

Please note we package resins by weight, not container size.  Resin pieces vary in size from pea to thumbnail to larger chunks. We do not sort according to size and therefore package a mixture of sizes.  Due to the irregular natural sizes and shapes of resin the specific weight purchased may not completely fill our container used in packaging.  The upside to our packaging is that your resin will arrive in a sealed reusable container that provides proper storage.

Diffuser use: Burn in a resin burner or suitable cauldron on top of charcoal.  Not suitable for diffuser machines or candle diffusers. 

Suggested Uses of Frankincense Rivae resin:
  • Diffusion
  • Macerations and Tinctures
  • Grind into powder with mortar and pestle. (Freeze tears first for ease of grinding)
  • Ground powder can be added to a variety of skin care products
  • Oral care; powder added to tooth paste; oil-pulling

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