Elderflower Hydrosol, Organic
Elderflower Hydrosol, Organic

Elderflower Hydrosol, Organic

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Sambucus nigra, organic artisan distilled flowers, USA.
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Botanical Name:  Sambucus nigra 
Origin: USA, Certified Organic Artisan Distilled
Plant Part:  Flowers
Distillation Date:  Ju1 2020
Minimum Shelf Life: 2 Years 
Aroma:  Floral, sweet, wine-like notes

Our Elderflower Hydrosol is made from the flowers selectively hand collected from the Sambucus nigra tree.  Certified organic artisan distilled in small yearly batches by a master distiller in the Pacific Northwest who brings true meaning to quality over quantity.  The aroma of this hydrosol is beautifully complex with floral and wine-like notes.  

Elderflower hydrosol is considered a gentle circulatory stimulant.  It also promotes calm by reducing physical and mental strain making Elderflower highly effective on the nervous system.  As an effective immune booster, Suzanne Catty says to "take one teaspoon every hour at the first sign of a cold and you will probably never succumb to the infection."

Beneficial Uses of Elderflower Hydrosol, Organic:
  • Immune Booster
  • May help reduce pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism, swollen joints
  • Kidney detoxification
  • Compress for muscle aches and pains.  Great for sports related muscle injuries.
  • Mild Astringent

The shelf life of hydrosols is generally up to 2 years or longer when properly stored in the refrigerator. This Certified Organic Elderflower Hydrosol contains no preservatives.

References: Catty, Suzanne;  Hydrosols The Next Aromatherapy, Healing Arts Press, Rochester, VT 2001


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