Cocao Absolute Hexane Free
Cocao Absolute Hexane Free

Cocao Absolute Hexane Free

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Theobroma cacao, wildcrafted seeds from Ivory Coast, Hexane Free extracted Absolute, pure chocolate decadence, from France.
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Botanical Name: Theobroma cacao
Country of Origin: Ivory Coast/ Hexane Free Extracted in France
Extraction Method: Hexane Free Solvent
Extraction Date:  Jan 2018
Minimum Shelf Life:  4 years 
Grade: Clinical/Fine Perfumery/Food Grade
Cultivation: Ethical Farmed
Plant Part: Bean
Perfume Note: Middle
Solubility: Alcohol soluble
Viscosity:  Viscous, solid to semi-solid thick paste; Must heat to liquefy.
Aroma:  Rich, sensuous, sweet, warm, chocolate
Blends well with: Bergamot, Coffee, Orange Sweet, Vanilla

We are ecstatic with this new batch of Cocao Absolute!  Thick and rich with the deepest dark chocolaty aroma we have ever sourced.  The color of this delicious absolute is dark-dark brown with a reddish-rusty hue.  Truly an exceptional premium quality not to be missed.  

Please note that this new batch of Cocao Absolute is challenging to liquefy.  We are not offering sample and 5mL sizes.  All sizes from 15mL up are bottled with a phenolic cap.   

Our hexane free cocao absolute is a chocolate lover's decadent delight. Warm sensuous rich aromatic notes stimulate an emotional sense of wellbeing to decrease anxiety, promote clarity of mind, relax muscles, and resonates through history as an aphrodisiac. It smells absolutely fantastic, nothing like the creamy 'cocao butter' aroma present in Co2 extracts.  Our new Cocao absolute is extracted from the actual beans, not an extraction of the butter, and as such carries the deep, rich, unmistakable aroma of dark chocolate.

We are proud to offer this Cocao Absolute ethical farmed by Fair Trade practice from the Ivory Coast (Ghana).  We feel it vitally important to source cacao by sound ethical means of Fair Trade and steer away from other sources using child and slave labor.  When buying our Cocao Absolute it is priced accordingly that in turn helps to sustain local workers of the exquisite raw material sent to France for hexane free extraction. 

Because of the anti-oxidant and antibacterial properties of Theobroma cacao we highly recommend its use in anti-aging skin care formulations, scrubs, body wraps and facial masks.  

Aromatherapy use: anti-aging, antibacterial, aphrodisiac, stimulates emotional sense of wellbeing, promotes clarity, muscular relaxation, decreases anxiety, evokes emotional calming, soothing, balancing; meditation, yoga

General use: Food grade additive, natural perfume, bath oil, bath salt, bath and shower gels, spa treatment oils and creams, anti-aging skin care, soap making, candle making, meditation blends

Contraindications: None known


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