Cistus Absolute
Cistus Absolute

Cistus Absolute

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Cistus ladaniferus var beta maculatus Dun. wildcrafted flower tops and leaves from Spain solvent extracted in France.
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Botanical Name: Cistus ladaniferus var beta maculatus Dun.
Country of Origin: France
Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Extraction Method: Solvent 
Extraction Date:  Aug 2020
Minimum Shelf Life: 3 Years
Grade: Absolute/Fine Perfumery
Plant Part: Flower Tops and Leaves
Viscosity:  Slightly Thick Pourable Liquid 
Perfume Note: Base
Aroma:  Rich, warm, sweet, resinous, woody, amber notes
Blends well with:  Balsam PeruBlack PepperCardamomCedarwoodChampaca PinkCinnamon BarkCocaoCypriolFir BalsamGeranium, Geranium Bourbon, Geranium RoseJasmine sambacJasmine grandLotus PinkMyrhhOpopanaxPatchouliRose MorocSandalwoodTuberoseVanillaVetiverYlang Ylang Extra

Three aromatic oils are produced from the flowering shrub Cistus ladaniferus also known as Rock Rose;  Cistus (Rock Rose) essential oil from steam distilled stems and leaves, Labdanum Absolute from solvent extracted resin, and this Cistus Absolute from solvent extracted flower tops and leaves.  Think of Cistus essential oil with shared aromatic similarities to Labdanum and you have Cistus Absolute.  

Cistus Absolute should not be confused with Labdanum Absolute because Cistus Absolute is derived from flower tops and leaves whereas true Labdanum Absolute is 'always' from resin. As a result of different plant parts being extracted Cistus Absolute is slightly sweeter than Labdanum and MUCH easier to work with.  

Labdanum Absolute is  prized for use in perfumery but because of it being difficult to work with we also offer Labdanum 20% in fractionated coconut oil.  Because working with Labdanum can be challenging and the aromatic similarities Cistus Absolute has with it plus its ability to serve as a base note fixative we are happy to make this POURABLE alternative to Labdanum available.  Cistus Absolute adds a spectacular depth to oriental, fougre, and chypre accords. 

Cistus Absolute is best suited for meditation, yoga, and natural perfumery with its calming, centering and grounding aroma.   For aromatherapy use please see Cistus essential oil.

General use: Diffusion, potpourri, natural perfume, soap and candle scenting, meditation, yoga 

Contraindications: None known


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