Cell-u-Light™ Essential Oil Blend
Cell-u-Light™ Essential Oil Blend

Cell-u-Light™ Essential Oil Blend

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Cell-u-Light™ a powerful essential oil synergy blend developed for professional spa treatments of cellulite.
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Cell-u-Light™ is a powerful essential oil synergy blend developed for professional spa treatments targeting cellulite.  Essential oils that stimulate circulation and help unblock lymphatic congestion were selected based on aromatherapy manuals and resources containing the latest reports.  

Add Cell-u-Light™ essential oil blend to sugar scrubs, massage oils or mixtures targeting toning and slenderizing treatments for cellulite reduction.  Add to masks and wraps for hips and legs to stimulate circulation that in turn encourages tighter, firmer skin.  This powerful all essential oil blend must be diluted prior to use on skin.  

How to Use:  This blend should never be applied to skin undiluted.  Massage diluted blend onto skin in circular motions daily.   Remember that increasing circulation and unblocking lymphatic congestion is a vital step for diminishing visibility of cellulite.   

Additional Anti-Cellulite Suggestions:  Drink plenty of water to help with cellulite reduction along with eating foods high in water content such as cucumbers and melons. A cellulite reduction regime may also include a combination of aerobic exercising and strength training.    The formation of cellulite has also been attributed to hormone changes, particularly decreased estrogen production, in women experiencing menopause with some sources recommending an estrogen rich diet. Examples of foods containing phytoestrogens and estrogen are dried apricots, flaxseed, sesame seeds, chickpeas/hummus, alfalfa sprouts, bran cereals, soy milk, soybeans, tofu and tempeh. 

Skin sensitivity:  This blend contains Grapefruit, a known photosensitizer, and should not be used on skin prior to exposure to sun or other sources of UV rays (tanning beds).

Dilution:  This blend should never be applied to skin undiluted. Dilute with one of our premium quality carrier oils, we suggest Jojoba Clear or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Both are clear, odorless, and economical.   For a convenient ready-to-use massage oil blend consider our Unscented Massage Oil.  Refer to our dilution charts to calculate ratios.

Diffuser use:  Although formulated for skin use, you will LOVE the fresh spicy citrus aroma of Cell-u-Light in a candle or electric diffuser to fragrance your home. Should you dilute with carrier oil for skin application it is no longer suitable for diffusing.

The bright, fresh, spicy citrus aroma of this blend can also be added in natural perfume, massage oil, to scent  candles and soap, lamp rings, to scent potpourri or dried flowers, or in a room spray. 

For dilution purposes use this blend in the same ratio as any pure essential oil single note.

Suggested Uses:
Ingredients:    A proprietary blend of premium essential oils featuring Juniper Berry, Grapefruit Pink, Cypress, and Black Pepper

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