Blushing Rose™ Essential Oil Blend
Blushing Rose™ Essential Oil Blend

Blushing Rose™ Essential Oil Blend

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Our exclusive Blushing Rose™ blend, a masterpiece of pure essential oils.
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A masterpiece pure essential oil and absolute blend. Blushing Rose™ fulfills expectations sure to satisfy the most persnickety Rose oil aficionado.   You will adore diffusing this blend to release a magnificent rose aroma in any room or space.  Inspired by classical roses blooming in the crisp spring English air, Blushing Rose™ touches the heart with a striking resemblance to the finest pure Rose Otto essential oil.  

Lotus Garden Botanicals proudly present Blushing Rose™ for your perfume use, in perfume blends, creams, and lotions along with the sheer joy of a quality rose aroma and cost effective alternative to Rose Otto.  Using the single essential oil Rose Otto in skin care and bath and body products can be costly.  Because of the cost many using pure rose oil include less in their product and fail to achieve a standout rose aroma. With our premium quality rose oil alternative you can achieve an optimum rose aroma with character and intensity

Dilution:  Blushing Rose™ blend is not intended for use neat on skin.  For perfumery or skin products blend with one of our premium quality carrier oils. For perfume we suggest Jojoba Clear or Fractionated Coconut Oil. Both are clear, odorless, and economical.   Refer to our dilution charts to calculate ratios.

Diffuser use:  Use full strength in oil warmer or electric diffuser. Not for use in oil warmer or electric diffuser after diluting with carrier oil.

Blushing Rose™ blend is ideal for scenting  candles, soap, bath and body items, home fragrance products, perfume. 

This is a strong aromatic blend; just a few drops are needed. For dilution purposes use this blend in the same ratio as any pure essential oil single note.

Suggested Uses of Blushing Rose™:
  • Aromatherapy
  • Natural Perfume
  • Massage Oil (dilute in Unscented Massage Oil blend)
  • Soap and Candle
  • Bath & Body
  • Home Fragrance
Ingredients:    A proprietary blend of essential oils and absolutes that includes Rose GeraniumRavintsara (Ho Leaf)Ylang Ylang Complete, May Chang (Litsea), CloveEucalyptus globulusOsmanthus AbsoluteRose Moroc AbsoluteRose Bulgarian Absolute


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