Blue Cypress Essential Oil
Blue Cypress Essential Oil

Blue Cypress Essential Oil

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Callitris intratropica,wildcrafted, rare blue oil steam distilled from wildcrafted wood, Northern Australia.
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Botanical Name: Callitris columellaris var intratropica
Country of Origin: Australia
Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Distillation Date: Nov 2017
Minimum Shelf Life: 8 years
Plant Part: Wood
Perfume Note: Base/Middle
Aroma: Sweet and slightly fruity, woody, resinous, balsamic, coniferous
Blends well with: Angelica Root, Black Spruce, Cardamom, Cedarwood Atlas, Cistus, Clary Sage, Frankincense sacra, Geranium S. Africa, Jasmine sambac Absolute, Juniper Berry, Labdanum Absolute, Lemon Myrtle, Patchouli, Rose Moroc Absolute, Sandalwood Mysore, Siam Wood, Silver Fir, Ylang Ylang Extra or Complete

Steam distilled wood of Blue Cypress from Northern Queensland results in this gorgeous blue essential oil. This azure blue color is because of the Guaiazulene content. Certain types of steam distilled flowers such as Chamomile German and Yarrow have this characteristic attributed to Chamazulene, a related azulene. No other essential oil distilled from wood has this characteristic.

You will immediately appreciate the superior aromatics of this unique oil, chiefly because of our careful selection process. We passed up less costly specimens of Blue Cypress oil in favor of overall quality that shines through in the GCMS analysis. Some of the major impressive constituents: Guaiol 16.35%, Bulnesol 12.00%, a-Eudesmol 15.42%, gamma-Eudesmol 8.20%, Callitrin 1.53%, Callitrin isomer 0.59%, dihydrocolumellarin 9.65%, Callitrisin 1.65%, Callitrisin isomer 1.13%. The complete list of constituents are contained in our GCMS.

Blue Cypress essential oil is beneficial for skin; another commonality it shares with Chamomile German and Yarrow. Therapeutic benefits of Blue Cypress include an outstanding capability for wound healing and alleviating bruises. It is highly anti-inflammatory and antibacterial plus has anti-allergenic properties that relieve itching, rashes, and dermatitis. Perhaps consider blending with our Helichrysum from Corsica or Cistus for ultimate skin care.

Blue Cypress essential oil is emotionally soothing and grounding. This is an excellent oil for meditation because it evokes a sense of calm and is grounding while increasing focus and metal clarity. Try blending with Frankincense sacra for deep meditation purposes.

Aromatically, an initial minty note quickly changes to reveal a unique fruity nuance. An exceptional fixative in blends and perfume for its sweet, fruity, woody, resinous, balsamic coniferous notes. Blue Cypress essential oil works well in forest and wood accords and plays nicely with other oils in herbaceous bouquets. Use Blue Cypress to brighten and sweeten other wood oil blends.

Batch specific GC/MS analysis of Blue Cypress essential oil is available. Select option during checkout to include it with your order.

Aromatherapy use: anger management, anti-inflammatory, bruises, calming, colds/flu, eczema, increase focus and metal clarity, psoriasis, self-esteem, skin care, stress

General use: Oil diffusers, potpourri, bath oil, bath salt, bath and shower gels, spa treatment oils and creams, soap and candles

: Avoid during pregnancy.

Photo by djpmapleferryman [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons


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