Blackcurrant Seed Oil
Blackcurrant Seed Oil

Blackcurrant Seed Oil

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Ribes nigrum, cold pressed Blackcurrant Seed oil from France, 15% GLA.
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Botanical Name: Ribes nigrum
Country of Origin: France
Cultivation: Organic
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed
Plant Part: Seeds
Extraction Date: Aug 2020
Minimum Shelf Life:  2 Years 

Ribes nigrum, a woody shrub native to northern Europe and northern Asia is commonly known as Blackcurrant. Organically grown seeds from the shrub’s round black berries are cold-pressed in France to produce an oil rich in essential fatty acids such as alpha-linolenic, linoleic, and linolenic acids. Blackcurrant seed oil is also a potent source of gamma-linoleic Acid (GLA).  GLA is one of the rarest essential fatty acids to naturally occur in the plant kingdom, as only few species contain it such as our Evening Primrose seed oil. The 15.4% GLA in Blackcurrant seed oil promotes healthy skin by acting as an effective anti-inflammatory agent with none of the side effects associated from anti-inflammatory drugs.  

Additionally, Blackcurrant seed oil contains a multitude of antioxidants, vitamins and polyphenols to address the needs of mature skin:  increasing elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, and nourishing skin tissue to reverse common signs of aging. The renown and well-documented qualities of Blackcurrant seed oil position it as valuable treatment oil for inflamed & damaged skin in need of protection and repair. It also functions as a soothing ingredient for acne, dryness, and sensitive skin types.

Black Currant seed oil is rich, well-balanced oil that absorbs rapidly to improve overall hydration and condition of the skin.

Uses and Benefits of Blackcurrant Seed Oil:
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Anti-wrinkle
  • Quickly absorbed by the skin
  • All skin types
  • Restores Elasticity – Excellent for mature skin
  • Hair Care
  • Nail Care
  • Cosmetics
  • Skin care formulations

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