Baobab Seed Oil, Virgin CLEARANCE 4 oz

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Botanical Name: Adansonia digitata 
Origin: Ghana
Cultivation: Wildcrafted   
Extraction Method: Cold Pressed, Virgin
Plant Part: Seeds
Extraction Date: May 2015
Suggested Shelf Life: 4-5 Years
Aroma:  Mild, Nutty  

Africa is home to the massive Baobab Tree, also known as The Tree of Life.  This tree produces large fruit that when ripened are collected after naturally dropping from the tree to the ground.  The seed of this fruit is then cold pressed to produce a free flowing golden oil.  Baobab oil is widely used in the formulation of lip balms, skin moisturizing lotions, facial creams targeting wrinkles, hair care, and bar soap.  

Our Baobab oil is cold pressed, virgin and unrefined with a mild nutty aroma and naturally occurring Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and Vitamin C.  Baobab oil is rapidly absorbed into the skin and is highly penetrating leaving no greasy feel.  Whether used in formulations or singularly Baobab Oil promotes healthy moisturized skin.

Benefits and Uses of Virgin Baobab Seed Oil:
  • Facial skin care:  Mature and dry skin care
  • Skin care:  Moisturizers, creams, lotions
  • Hair care
  • Relieves eczema and psoriasis
  • Lip care (balms and moisturizers)
  • Cosmetic formulations
  • Soap formulations

Contraindications:  Seed/Nut Allergy - This virgin (unrefined) Baobab Seed oil is not recommend for those with a tree nut or seed allergy as this oil contains allergens.


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