Balsam Peru Essential Oil
Balsam Peru Essential Oil

Balsam Peru Essential Oil

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Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae, wildcrafted resin steam distilled from El Salvador.
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Botanical Name: Myroxylon balsamum var. pereirae
Country of Origin: El Salvador
Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled
Distillation Date: Mar 2020
Minimum Shelf Life: 8 years
Plant Part: Resin
Perfume Note: Base
Aroma:  Sweet, rich, smooth, balsamic with honey, caramel and vanilla-like notes
Blends well with:  Spice, Woods and Florals; especially well with Black Pepper, Lotus Pink, Neroli, Osmanthus, Patchouli, Rose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang Extra, Ylang Ylang Complete

Most Balsam of Peru essential oil is quite viscous (thick to semi-solid) and difficult to blend with other aromatic oils without warming. Our search for a less viscous Peru Balsam oil brought about the discovery of a small artisan distiller producing a rich yet mobile oil (needs no warming to liquefy), that is quite simply an absolute must have for any natural perfumer's repertoire. A bit more costly than thicker versions but well worth it!  

We highly recommend this tenacious oil for spice, floral, and oriental note perfumes and blends. The rich, sweet, smooth, caramel, vanilla notes in this Balsam of Peru make it an excellent base note fixative in perfumes. Because Balsam of Peru naturally contains vanillin, that is where the lovely, but unique, sweet balsamic caramel honeyed vanilla notes originate from. Whether for natural perfume, soap or candle creations, this Balsam of Peru imparts an almost edible aroma.

Aroma-therapeutically, Balsam of Peru has traditionally been used for addressing a multitude of skin disorders, rheumatism, and respiratory conditions because of its antiseptic, antibacterial, and healing properties.   

Why is Peru referenced in the name of this essential oil when it is actually from El Salvador? The common name Balsam of Peru comes from colonial times when the aromatic balsam was once exported from Peru to Europe for medicinal purposes. The slender yet towering Myroxylon balsamum tree now grows extremely well on mountain sides in El Salvador between 500-1500 meters and renders a very aromatic resin that is harvested twice per year. The resin is collected from incisions made in the tree and does not come from fallen trees, although there are considerable conservation efforts in the El Salvador region that establish sound ecological practices, harvesting, and replanting of this otherwise 'wild growing' tree.

Aromatherapy use: Antiseptic, antifungal, promotes dermal healing, helps stop bleeding, asthma, bronchitis, colds, coughs, dry and chapped skin, eczema, low blood pressure, nervousness, rheumatism, rashes, sores, stress, wounds

General use
: Excellent base note fixative for natural perfume formulas, body and skin care products, soap and candle scenting, home fragrance

Contraindications: Skin sensitivity in some individuals (skin patch test first), dilute well, non toxic, non-irritant

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