Arborvitae (Western Red Cedarwood) Essential Oil
Arborvitae (Western Red Cedarwood) Essential Oil

Arborvitae (Western Red Cedarwood) Essential Oil

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Thuja plicata, Giant Arborvitae or Western Red Cedarwood, artisan produced by stainless steel distillation of sustainable harvested heartwood from naturally fallen trees.
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Botanical Name: Thuja plicata
Country of Origin: Canada
Cultivation: Wildcrafted
Extraction Method: Steam Distilled (Stainless Steel) 
Distillation Date: Jul 2019
Minimum Shelf Life:  8+ years
Plant Part: Heartwood
Perfume Note: Base
Aroma:  Woody, sweet, fresh, spicy, earthy 
Blends well with: Bergamot, BirchCedarwood Atlas, Cedarwood Himalayan, Cistus, Cistus absolute, Clary Sage, Jasmine grand absolute, Jasmine sambac absoluteMandarin Yellow, NeroliOrange Wild, Patchouli Dark Premium, Rose Otto, Rosemary, Sandalwood MysoreSandalwood Australian, Sandalwood Hawaiian, Sandalwood Mysore, Vetiver Haiti, Ylang Ylang

Arborvitae, also known as Giant Arborvitae, Western Red Cedar, Rose of Cedar, Lawson Cypress and Tree of Life, is an essential oil from the wood of botanical species Thuja plicata. One may recognize another essential oil we carry with the same name, Western Red, which is steam distilled from the leaves of the Red Cedar tree. Both are from the same plant, but only when the wood is distilled from the heartwood of the Red Cedar Tree, it known as Arborvitae. 

Our Arborvitae essential oil is unique from other arborvitae specimens on the market for two distinct reasons: First, it is artisan produced by a handcrafted stainless steel steam distillation process, which obtains the highest integrity of the wood’s extract.  Second, we chose to only support artisan distillers who harvest wood from naturally fallen trees, for ethical reasons of sustainability. 

The aroma of Arborvitae essential oil is deep and earthy, with sweet and spicy undertones that freshen its natural woodiness. In natural perfumery or any formulation of natural aromatics it can be used to enliven other heavier base notes. It compliments Birch, Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Vetiver, and Patchouli just to name a few. Emotionally, Arborvitae essential oil is grounding, calming, and strengthening to the senses, as it is cleansing and purifying to the air. A must-have for any diffuser, spa, or massage oil blend. 

Batch specific GC/MS analysis for Arborvitae essential oil is available. Select option during checkout to include it with your order.

Aromatherapy use:  anti-anxiety, antibacterial, antiviral, fungicide

General use
: Diffuser, potpourri, massage oil, perfume, bath and shower gels and salt, spa treatment oils and creams, soap and candle scent

Contraindications: Not recommended for children, during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.


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