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Help FAQ

Here you will find answers to our most frequently asked questions. Please feel free to contact our customer support with any question you have not found the answer to on this may become our next addition! Also check our Terms and Conditions as it contains many answers to frequently asked questions.

Q. What is essential oil for aromatherapy?
A. Aromatherapy is the practice of using natural oils extracted from flowers, bark, stems, leaves, roots or other parts of a plant to enhance psychological and physical well-being. The inhaled aroma from an essential oil is widely believed to stimulate brain function. Essential oil can also be absorbed through the skin, where it travels through the bloodstream and can promote whole-body healing. A form of alternative medicine, aromatherapy is gaining momentum. Essential oil is used for a variety of aromatherapy applications, including pain relief, mood enhancement and increased cognitive function. Within our description of each essential oil, absolute, and Co2 extract is information regarding 'aromatherapy use', 'general use', and 'contraindications'.

Q. Do you offer sample sizes of essential oil?
A. We offer 1 mL vials of our 100% pure essential oils. A 1 mL sample contains between 20-25 drops and is an excellent way to familiarize yourself with an essential oil prior to purchasing a larger size. We have a sample set of 6 (you select the 6) or individual samples for separate purchase. We hand pour all oils so please allow additional processing time when ordering more than 6 samples.

Q. Do you give free samples?
A. YES! Free essential oil samples are supplied for conducting olfactory evaluation before making a future purchase. We are happy to include one free essential oil sample for every $25 order value (maximum 6 free samples). Free premium oil samples are 6 drops, LIMITED TO ONE per $100 order value.

Free samples including premium 6 drop samples may have a combined total of not more than six per order.
Orders with no sample request submitted receive samples we select at our discretion.
Sample requests must be placed in comments section when completing order.
Requests for multiples of the same oil are not granted.

Examples Based on Order Value:

$25 - 1 regular
$50 - 2 regular
$75 - 3 regular
$100 - 4 regular -or- 1 premium
$125 - 5 regular -or- 1 premium + 1 regular
$150 - 6 regular -or- 1 premium + 2 regular
$200 - 6 regular -or- 2 premium -or- 1 premium + 4 regular
$300 - 6 regular -or- 3 premium -or- 2 premium + 4 regular -or- 1 premium + 5 regular
$400 - 6 regular -or- 4 premium -or- 3 premium + 3 regular -or- 2 premium + 4 regular
-or- 1 premium + 5 regular
$500 - 6 regular -or- 5 premium -or- 4 premium + 2 regular -or- 3 premium + 3 regular
-or- 2 premium + 4 regular -or-1 premium + 5 regular
$600 or more - 6 regular -or- 6 premium -or- 5 premium + 1 regular
-or- 4 premium + 2 regular -or- 3 premium + 3 regular -or-2 premium + 4 regular
-or- 1 premium + 5 regular
The size of free sample will depend on product cost. For example, Orange Sweet being less costly consists of 1mL whereas Sandalwood is costly and consists of 6 drops. Some samples may be one half mL (0.5mL). Generally, 1mL samples priced above $6.00 consist of 0.5mL. Samples priced considerably more (such as most absolutes, Rose Otto, Neroli, and the like) are considered premium samples of 6 drops. You may prefer requesting our 10% dilution of a premium oil because they are 1mL opposed to 6 drops.

All sample requests are to be entered into the comments section of your order. Orders that have no sample request indicated receive our selection(s).

Q. Is there a 100% certified organic bar soap?
A. No. Because of their chemistry, bar soaps cannot ever reach a 100% level of organic content. Organic soap and skin care products are among the most misrepresented organic products. This has to do with formulation issues, labeling requirements, and a misrepresentation of organic standards. All bar soaps, and most skin care products, fall short of the 95% organic mark required.

Bar soaps require sodium hydroxide (NaOH, or lye) for their production. Sodium hydroxide is on the allowed list of non-organic ingredients that can be used in making organic products, and it accounts for approximately 10-15% of the ingredients, by weight (not including water or salt and depending on the recipe). Even if every other ingredient in a bar soap were certified organic, the soap would never have an organic content of more than 90%, as this is the maximum level of organic content possible in a bar soap.

At Lotus Garden Botanicals™, ALL of our bar soaps contain an organic content level of 85% with the remaining 15% for the lye that was added in the whole soap making process. Even though the final product does not contain lye (the chemical reaction during soap making takes care of that), the USDA guidelines require that it be accounted for. This is the reason it is impossible to create 100% Organic bar soap.

Q. How do I contact Lotus Garden Botanicals customer support?
A. Please refer to our Contact Us page. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service department stands ready to assist you with our essential oils and aromatherapy products. Also look for our live online chat feature for receiving on-the-spot assistance (available M-F between 10 AM-6PM EST).

Q. Can customer support provide blending recommendations when purchasing essential oils?
A. Yes absolutely. We also have our downloadable Harmonious Blends Chart located at the bottom of this page.

Q. How do I make appropriate calculations for blending essential oil, absolute oil, or Co2 extracts?
A. EASY, go to our Essential Oil Blending Charts page here as a resource to assist you with making calculations.

Q. Do you accept returns?
A. Due to the hygienic nature of most of our products, we are unable to accept these items for return once the hygienic seal has been opened. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for claims arising from products received damaged during transit and products of a non-hygienic nature for return.

Q. How soon will you ship my order?
A. We hand pour essential oils as well as a wide variety of aromatherapy products. Some essential oils, Co2 extracts and Absolutes are very thick and must be gently warmed in order for us to hand pour them to order. These oils require 2-3 days from date of purchase before they are ready to ship. Please refer to our Shipping Policy for detailed information; also contained within our Terms and Conditions.

Q. What happens if my order arrives damaged?
A. We take every precaution to pack our essential oil and aromatherapy products in a manner to arrive safely. However, we can not be responsible for 'in transit handling' once products are relinquished to the carrier. For this reason ALL shipments are sent insured by either USPS Priority or UPS. Our policy for goods received damaged is located within our Terms and Conditions.

Q. How do I make a purchase using PayPal?
A. Click on the PayPal button from the shopping cart to complete your purchase. You will automatically be taken to the PayPal website where you complete payment.

Q. Can I place my order over the phone?
A. We accept telephone orders Monday-Friday, 9A-6P, EST at 1-207-294-2284. We do NOT charge a fee for telephone orders.

Q. What is the difference between a fragrance oil & pure essential oil?
A. A fragrance oil is a lab created synthetic to mimic an original aroma. A pure essential oil is not synthetic, is natural and derived from particular plant parts, such as its flowers, bark, leaves, seeds or roots. We do not offer synthetic fragrance oil.

Q. I will pay by personal check. How do I ensure you receive my payment?
A. At one time we accepted checks, we no longer offer that as a form of payment. Additional payment information can be found in our Terms and Conditions.

Q. Why do you list certified organic for some products?
A. Many of our products noted Certified Organic have been certified by either:
International 3rd party agency (EcoCert®); and/or,
NOP (National Organic Program-USDA) by worldwide suppliers who hold the particular certification.

*Please note LGB does not have certified organic handler status, and as such can not provide organic certification paperwork for any product with certified organic notation. We provide organic status where applicable in appropriate product descriptions for informational purposes only. After we open a bulk container of certified organic oil it loses organic certification purely because we are not currently certified with organic handler status. We hope to become certified in the future and be able to provide organic certification paperwork.

Some of our oils are from organically grown crops and processed by remote organic farmers. Many of these small farmers/distillers simply do not have the resources to pay for organic certification. Becoming certified is a very costly process and one that smaller farms in remote areas find difficult to pursue given the already high cost they endure to grow and process their plants by organic methods.

Q. Do you offer professional discounts?
A. YES! We are pleased to extend a 15% professional discount to those involved with using essential oil and essential oil products in their health care practice. Please contact us for application information and requirements. You will be asked to submit a copy of your current license so please make sure you have this before contacting us.

Q. I am studying for aromatherapy certification, do you offer a student discount?
A. If you have documentation of current enrolled status in aromatherapy certification study you can submit it to us by email to for consideration to receive a student discount.

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