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Essential Oil Dilution Chart
Posted by Administrator on 6/15/2012 to Essential Oil Recipes

The left column represents the mL of carrier oil.  For example, if starting with 30mL of jojoba oil as your base carrier oil, and you want to create a bath or massage oil, for an adult the dilution rate can be 2 to 2.5%.  Find 30mL on the left side of the chart above and follow it across where it intersects with the 2.5% top column. The number 15 is displayed as the # of drops required to achieve a 2.5% dilution. When blending more than one essential oil the number of drops in this chart represents the "total" amount.

*Blending rates for children or the elderly use 1% dilution.  Seek advice first from healthcare professional or licensed aromatherapist for any possible contraindications when blending for children or the elderly.

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